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Anantara Spa

Within a resort balanced by lapping waves and a curving mountain range, find your own balance at Anantara Spa. Indulge in a wide array of blissful spa treatments, each carefully designed to promote well-being and self discovery. Relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your body and soul.

Discover the South China Sea’s “fountain of youth” through our collection of pearl and tea infused treatments. For more than 3,000 years, Asian women and royals of the Imperial Palace have sworn by crushed pearls’ youthful rejuvenation effect. The finest seawater pearls in the region are harvested along Sanya’s pristine coastline. Paired with their luxury of fresh pearls, Anantara introduces the romantic decadence of the 1920’s Chinese tea pavilions in their tea infused treatments.Tea is a natural panacea as old as time itself, steeped into every oil, lotion, and exfoliant for ultimate healing. Anantara Spa invites you to experience this indigenous beauty secret; luxurious facial and body treatments for natural rejuvenation and organic indulgence.

Submerge yourself in the gentle waters of the dipping pool, tranquillity washing over you from head to toe. Enter the treatment room, a personal sanctuary of soft taupe and soothing candlelight, inspired by the gentle movements of coy fish in an undulating river. A calming touch, a deep breathe of transformation, the sound of serenity. Our spa treatments are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Thai and Indian practitioners and the innovations of modern science, a complete recipe for rejuvenation. Allow us to lead you on a journey to personal awakening.

Hours: 10:00 am-11:00 pm

Contact and pre-stay bookings: +86 (898) 8888 5088 or email

Signature Treatments

Anantara Signature Massage 

Your journey into relaxation begins with our classic fusion of oils, blended to Anantara perfection. Restore the flow of energy, sink deep into a state of bliss. Using smooth strokes and timeless acupressure techniques, let our spa experts elevate you to another world. A balance of East and West, a union of ancient tradition and modern elements: the signature Anantara experience awaits. 

Pearl of South Sea    

Experience the natural beauty and invigorating energy of the South China Sea mixed with the ancient wisdom of Chinese royalty. Find the secret to youthful rejuvenation, developed over 3,000 years ago in the Imperial Palace. Let your body soak in the ocean and the miracle of underwater creation. Absorb the magic of seawater pearls, harvested from the stunning Sanya coastline and crushed into an elixir that defies age itself. Indulge in timeless luxury.

‘Yang’ – Dawn Renewal

Awake your body, enliven your soul. An active rejuvenation treatment inspired by the interconnectedness of the natural world; find internal balance as the sun rises above the sea. Discover the polarities within and reach a blissful state of equilibrium. At once both opposite and equal, let the forces of energy imbue you with a serenity that lasts until the sun comes down.

‘Yin’ – Dusk Relaxation

The origin of the universe, at the root of Taoist philosophy; embrace the darker elements of nature. Inspired by the ‘Yin’ force, find utter relaxation amidst dim lights and rich scents. Let our experts lead you to a higher level of spiritual harmony and physical wellness. Indulge in the wisdom of the ancients and the ease of tranquillity. To calm, to cleanse, to nourish; the dawn of relaxation, washing over your body and soul.

Anantara Spa Facilities:

  • A warm dip pool to calm the senses
  • The 'Experience' shower, a cleansing like no other
  • A classic Swiss shower
  • An invigorating spa jet pool
  • Steam therapy for full-body healing

Special Offers

Anantara Sanya Advance Purchase Discount

Anantara Sanya Advance Purchase Discount

Plan an amazing escape at least 14 days ahead to receive a special 30% discount, as well as a delicious breakfast buffet for two every day. learn more

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Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa

No. 6 Xiaodonghai Road,
Hedong District, Sanya,
Hainan, P.R. China 572000
Tel: +86 898 8888 5088
Fax: +86 898 8888 5288

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